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How A Hysteroscopy Can Get Rid Of Scar Tissue And Help You Conceive

Infertility is a very complex condition. It can affect a woman of any age and background. One in eight couples have trouble conceiving or staying pregnant.

Scar tissue is one of the culprits that makes it hard for a woman to conceive. It reduces the amount of blood that gets to the endometrial lining, which decreases your chances of getting pregnant. Uterine scarring also causes complete scarring to your cavity. A healthy endometrium is essential for an embryo to implant.

Your fallopian tubes are another area where scar tissue likes to accumulate. Scar tissue blocks your fallopian tubes and  prevents eggs from getting into your uterus. It is usually caused by a surgical procedure or an infection. If you are having problems conceiving, then it is time to schedule an appointment with an infertility doctor. Read on to find out how a hysteroscopy can get rid of scar tissue and help you conceive.


A hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure that inserts a camera inside of your uterus. It can be used for treating fertility problems, such as by removing scar tissue out of the uterus. This procedure is done in a surgery center under anesthesia.

There are certain things that you cannot do before the procedure, such as swim, douche, have sexual intercourse, or use tampons. If you follow your doctor's instructions, then your cervix will return to its normal position.

It does not require any incisions, since the hysteroscope is inserted through your vagina. Your cervix is stretched to allow the hysteroscope to pass into your uterus. After your doctor can get a clear view of the uterine cavity, the scar tissue is removed using the hysterscope.

Checkup To Keep Scar Tissue From Coming Back

At the end of the procedure, a balloon catheter is inserted inside of your uterus for a short amount of time. Estrogen therapy is also given to reduce scar reformation.  A follow-up hysteroscopy or another type of uterine test must be done to make sure the scar tissue has not returned. 

If you have scar tissue and want treatment to improve your chances of having a baby with your partner, then it is important to go to an experienced infertility doctor. This treatment is effective when done right and when you follow your doctor's instructions. If you are having fertility problems, then it helps to find out the cause for the problem. Click here for more information.