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3 Things Your OBGYN May Do When You Get Closer To Delivery

As you get closer to your due date, there are going to be certain things that your OBGYN may do. These things are going to ensure that your body and the baby are ready when delivery day comes, and that you have done all that you can do to properly prepare. They may also do certain things to help bring on labor when the time has come. This article will discuss 3 things that your OBGYN may do when you get closer to delivery. 

Take An Ultrasound To Check Your Baby's Position 

If your baby has been in the breech position quite a bit during pregnancy, then your OBGYN is likely going to want to monitor this very closely when you start approaching your due date. To do this, they will likely have you get an ultrasound at each appointment to check your baby's position. If they find that your baby has moved, then you are likely going to stay on track for your planned vaginal delivery. However, if the baby does not move from the breech position, then you are likely going to need to schedule a C-section to ensure that your baby is delivered safely. 

Check Your Cervix 

When you get to the end of your pregnancy, you are going to have appointments to visit your OBGYN every single week. This is to allow the OBGYN to check you and see how you are progressing. Once you get to your last few weeks of pregnancy, they are likely going to begin checking your cervix to see if it has softened and to see if you are dilated at all. They do this by sticking their fingers into your cervix to measure it, as well as to see how soft it is. This will help them to see if your body is preparing for labor at all, and if you are beginning to soften and dilate to prepare for delivery. If they find that you are dilated quite a bit and are soft, then they may have you check into the hospital for labor and delivery. 

Strip Your Membranes

Your OBGYN may give you the option of having your membranes stripped in order to help bring on labor once your due date is approaching or has already passed. Stripping your membranes is going to involve your OBGYN placing there finger in your cervix, which is located at the opening of your uterus. They are then going to carefully remove the bag of water from the wall of your uterus using their finger. Doing this will cause hormones to be released which may cause your uterus to begin to contract; this, in turn, may help to bring on labor. Contact a company like Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC to learn more.